An overdue update

As it has been quite some time since I did a blog post, I thought it time to explain what has been happening.

During the last month we have been in hospital with our daughter who has been diagnosed with a very rare genetic neurological disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1. It is a life limiting and degenerative condition which babies diagnosed before 6 months rarely see their second birthday. 

We are concentrating on trying to get home from hospital and adjusting to a new life full of medical equipment and staff. I have been in touch with Donna, the chair of the allotment site, to explain our circumstances and she has said they will keep our plot ticking over while we get things sorted. 

I plan to be down the allotment soon as I find being outside and surrounded by nature provides me with a space to think, away from all the chaos and difficult decisions we will have to continue to make

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  1. To ‘like’ this post seems so inappropriate. It is so hard to know what to say, but better to say ‘something’ rather than ‘nothing’. Oh the blows that life can deal us! So yes, grab those allotment moments when you can, because you too need nurturing through this, and whatever works for you: do it. I too found this to be true when my own daughter (then a young adult) was seriously ill a few years back; the same too for my mums recent illness and subsequent death: those precious hours alone on the plot have literally saved my sanity, and refilled my cup of ‘me’ enough to go on. Not sure what else to say really, other than thank you for sharing, and I wish you the strength and support to get through whatever comes xxxx xxxx


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