Home at Last!

The last four weeks have seen us settle back at home after six weeks in varying hospitals. We have managed to take our daughter on a special family holiday to Disneyland Paris with the extended family last week although we did spend much of the holiday in a French hospital as she had a chest infection.

Being back at home again,  Fiona and I dropped by the allotment site to discover that a half plot is available and Fiona has jumped at the chance of getting a plot. We spent some time walking around the site, getting ideas for Fiona and also to reignite my passion for growing as it has been rather dulled in the last nine months

Aside from visiting we found that Geoff, our allotment guardian, has cleared the three gooseberry bushes and the rhubarb box to clear room for the new chicken coop and nest box! He has also cut some of the rail sleepers ready to form a solid base for the coop. 


I have plans to buy three more fruit trees and develop a fruit section in front of the coop, leaving the rest of the plot for vegetables.  The greenhouse needs a good clean and sort as well as the shed and that needs painting desperately.  I hope to replant the rhubarb and make a herb box by the shed.

Now we are having regular respite care in place, the opportunity to go down to the allotment increases dramatically…

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