Evening pondering

After work I popped down to the allotment to feed the chickens. As often happens, I planned to go down for a few minutes and ended up staying an hour.


I gave the chickens a huge amount of new green vegetation for them to rummage through, threw them some food and got them new water. I amused myself with trying to pick one up but none of them were playing ball.

I had a good walk around the new plot and pondered how we would utilise the space currently taken up by the shed and greenhouse. I decided the greenhouse space can be incorporated into the largest bed (~a quarter of the plot – possibly for potatoes?) whilst the shed area is a bit more problematic. The first allotment had an area set aside for a large fruit section covered with a walk in frame – somehow I suspect that section isn’t big enough for 5 black current bushes, 7 raspberry bushes and all the other fruit bushes we want to plant. Suddenly, the shed area looks like a great place to put our fruit section mainly because it means we don’t have to uproot 5 black current bushes…

IMG_20141020_170518 IMG_20141020_173035

Question is though, what do we grow at the back of the first plot…?

I have also been pondering our chickens, if one goes broody in the summer what sort of eggs would we have her hatch? Chickens will hatch any eggs, even if they aren’t the same type as the broody hen. I am quite taken with Cheshire Blues and Marrens (large white chickens that lay blue eggs and black and white speckled chickens, respectively).



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