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Allotments. Surely the saviour of many during the war when food was in short supply. But what about now?


In the current economic climate, rising food costs and food shortages due to the coronavirus, an allotment is a great way to lower weekly food bills and escape for a few hours out of the house. This is the main reason why my husband and I got a plot two minutes walk from home in April 2014.


Over the last eight years, we have halved our food bills whilst developing a deep appreciation of the hard work farmers put in to grow their crops! Having been trapped inside at work for years, the opportunity to get outside, even if only for a few minutes, can’t be missed.


Money saving aside, we have loved every minute of growing our food. There is simply nothing better than coming home from work, popping across to the allotment to pick some fresh veg for dinner. We have enjoyed it so much that seven years ago, we built a large coop and amassed several chickens.

Six years ago, we had to drop down from two plots to one due to family circumstances. But on the plus side, Crewe Allotment Federation have decreed that one plot on every site should be a community garden. Our old plot has been transformed into a beautiful garden with a pond, seating area and lots of lovely flowers.


So pull on your wellies, grab a fork and get digging!

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  1. Enjoy reading the newsletter. I find it very enjoyable, informative, & entertaining. I have just seen SLUGS and it is nice to see me referred to as a GENTLEMAN

    The water needs to have sugar dissolved in it to be effective. Another way stated is slug pellets, if you put a few under a flat stone, brick or similar the pellets will not dissolve so quickly & the slugs tend to stay there in the dark. As ever enjoy reading the goings on

    Kind Regards to all
    Former ‘Gardener’ on No 8

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    1. Hiya
      Love this site we have have had an allotment now for 2yrs the 1st year we spent clearing it we got some really good harvests for 1st timers we now have the bug and love it and I will post updates and questions on here I think it’s great to all share our experiences good and bad we went to the crewe seed sale 2nd yr running and allways come away with a bag full even though I was confined to a wheelchair this year due to just having an operation but can’t wait to get back on our plot in Willaston
      Thanks all and happy growing
      Steve and cadge 😊

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  2. Garden with Bob. Hope I have the right place, nice pictures of your Allotments. Me Brother-in-Law James Baker has an Allotment here. I have a facebook garden page called Garden With Bob. I live in Alberta Canada and as me growing season is only 90 days I would love to find out when you sow your seeds and when you transplant them to the garden. This way I can share with all me followers the different growing seasons all over the World. Thank you.


    1. Lovely to hear from you! I’m not sure there is a James on our site but I will ask around as we have had a lot of changes on site this year with new people arriving and others swapping plots. Usually, I start planting seeds in mid February, kept either inside or in a greenhouse. Once there is no risk of frost, I put them outside in a sheltered place for a few days to harden them before planting out. This year, I am rather late starting as our plot has been consistently under water for months. It will need a couple of weeks go be dry enough to dig over before I can plant anything!


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