Dealing with slugs

Slugs. Slimy with one sole goal in life – to eat all your veggies. They are one of the many pests that can destroy your crops and dealing with them is important.

There are many ways to get rid of slugs, below are just a few I have seen used on our site:

The Jam Jar Method

This method involves digging a small hole in the ground near your vegetables and putting in it a small jam jar. Partially fill the jam jar with water before covering most of the open top with a thin piece of slate. The idea is that the slugs will go underneath the slate and fall into the water. We had a gentleman on site a few years ago who swore by this method. However, unbeknown to him, the others were filling his jars with slugs to make it look more effective.

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Slug pellets:

If you want to go for an easy option then slug pellets are a tried and trusted method for many allotmenters. You can buy a bottle of them from most garden places and all you need to do is sprinkle the pellets around the base of your vegetables.

Rhubarb Leaves:

This is a new one to me but if you don’t want to use lots of chemicals and such, this is an organic way of getting rid of those pesky slugs. Simply, rip up rhubarb leaves (eat the stalk at home afterwards!) and place them around the base of your vegetables. The slugs dislike the rhubarb leaves and avoid them like the plague. You will need to periodically replace the old leaves with fresh to keep your vegetables safe. One person on site had incredible success with his lettuces this year and puts it all down to the rhubarb leaves keeping the slugs away.

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