Community Garden

The Crewe Allotment Federation have decreed that one plot on every site should be given over to a community garden, to promote wildlife and especially bees onto our sites. It’s a brilliant idea and we are very fortunate on our site to have many helping hands to pitch in and make it.

The garden was an ongoing project in 2017/2018 and it received its final key feature in May 2018, our memorial tree. Everyone has helped dig, offered plants and time to make this beautiful garden a reality.

The support we have had from the allotment has been amazing and we are very touched that the committee have allowed us to plant an olive tree in the community garden.

We chose an olive tree partly because of the symbolism associated with peace. Our family member’s name comes from the Greek, meaning wisdom which also seems to be fitting with an olive tree.

Below are some photos of the garden as it was being created:

And the finished garden:

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