A sad day for quail

I arrived down the allotment this morning to feed the chickens and quail, to find the quail who looked a little seedy yesterday face down in the saw dust. Unfortunately she must have died either yesterday or last night. I removed her and buried her in the bottom plot.

After this I did very little work, except to catch up with Geoff who is back from his holiday, and thank him for all his hard work on the quail and chicken coop. He reckons he can finish it off next week which would be amazing.

The new allotment people arrived today and seem to be massively enthusiastic and come with a lot of useful contacts. They have also donated to the site a huge amount of pathing slabs – very useful as we need some to make a path down the side of the bottom plot to separate out plot from 46 next door. There should be plenty over to help us make a base for the new greenhouse and the new shed (when we eventually get hold of one).


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