Onward, ever onward…

A lazy start to today meant I arrived down on site at a leisurely 10:30 am, in time to feed the chickens. They are up to their usual tricks, pretending they never get fed, let alone have ever received the many treats I feed them on an almost daily basis (sunflower seeds, split corn, masses of weeds, oats and/or meal worms). Upon arrival I met Geoff trailing a massive wheelbarrow full of food, a months supply of chicken and quail food. Helping Geoff, I took a selection of the smaller items, refilled their respective containers whilst trying to fend off swarms of chickens.


Lottie appears to still have her prolapse and it is protruding a little more than last week so I massaged it, hoping this would dislodge any superfluous egg shell etc, making her more comfortable. If it doesn’t work, I shall call in Cliff the Vet.


After the compulsory long tea break and chat, I wandered over to Chris’s plot to visit our new chickens. They are still massively shy. I went into the coop and spent about ten minutes sitting in there with them, allowing them to get used to me. Vitally important as they will need to be catchable for regular health checks. The Vorwerks look massive, they stand very tall and are already not far off the size of Emily. Not long until they will be introduced to the rest of the flock.


So back to weeding. I finished off the back section of the top plot, carefully avoiding the gooseberry bushes, leaving for them for another day.




Flushed with success, I went onto the bottom plot. I continued on the raspberry bed, carrying on from where my other half and his friend left off yesterday. I cleared half of the raspberry bed before calling it a day.



All that is left is to complete the weeding of the raspberry bed, clear the weeds at the front of the plot and to do minor tidying of piles of discarded weeds….

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