RIP Peggie

The enforced hiatus from allotmenting due to our daughter deciding that sleep was unnecessary either day or night has meant we haven’t managed to get on site for weeks.


Geoff, bless him, has been on chicken and quail duty for the last two months while I desperately try to work out how I am supposed to get out of the house with a newborn before 12 pm. He rang this morning to let us know that Peggie, our black Nova, has died.


Sad news though it is, she reached a grand age of 5, impressive for any chicken. So yet again we are down on numbers, its the sad part of owning chickens (or any livestock come to that). We made the decision to keep all our chickens even if they stopped laying as it seemed ungrateful to send them to the farm the second they stopped producing daily eggs. The consequence of such a decision means we have an increasing number of older chickens whose time has to come eventually.


The time has come though to get my act together and get back to the allotment properly. I am determined that I shall get out of the house early and get down to the allotment at least once this week, always depending on whether this fits with Sophie’s wishes….


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