Man vs weeds

Glorious weather continuing, we pottered down to the allotment this morning for a quick weeding session.


With my husband uprooting enormous tufts of grass and the ever evil doc plants – I contributed to the proceedings by taking the grass and throwing it into the chicken coop whilst carrying a sleeping baby.



So we are making slow but steady progress on the bottom plot. This is set to change massively as the Aged Parents are coming up to visit next week, I am sure we can coerce them into helping! Added to this, my long suffering friend Fiona as managed to get the job she went for last week! So plans are in motion to find her somewhere to stay especially as she has volunteered to help regularly down the allotment – ever grateful for additional help with weeding, I have offered to pay her in fruit, veg and eggs for her labour!


Also, I think some of the potatoes from last year have reseeded themselves – have a look and see! These plants seem to be growing in a straight line, rather unusual for weeds, unless this particular weed has OCD and insists on growing evenly spaced in straight lines…



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