Momentous decisions

So after nearly two years of battling with the bottom plot, with fleeting success before all the weeds took it over again, we are on the verge of admitting defeat.


With this in mind, and before I call and let Chris the Warden know we are giving it up, we need to find a new coop for the chickens because there is no way we are giving them up. The plan is to use the end of the plot behind the fruit trees and buy a frame coop and put in the enormous nesting box that Geoff has built for us.


So the next objective is to find a one of these coops and get it built asap so we can pass on the bottom plot. Denial over, our baby is so difficult still and showing some delay in her motor development that we can’t spend the time down there we need to justify having two plots.


But we still have Fiona as an extra pair of hands!


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    1. Yes sadly. A single plot is still easily large enough to grow enough food for a family but we can’t manage to put the hours in to justify having two plots at the moment. Also the plot we are giving up is the most difficult one to work on site – it’s been almost impossible to get clear (have a look at the photos of when we took it on!). It needs a retiree really who can spend hour upon hour on it to get it back to standard. It may need additional soil too as the soil level is low – plus it’s prone to flooding….

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