Blowing away the cobwebs

It’s been a manic couple of weeks, trying to get organised ready for the start of term which seems to be racing towards us at a rate of knots. Apart from dashing down to feed and clear out the chickens,  the plot has been left to its own devices. 

Geoff’s chickens seem to have almost fully settled in although there is still a distinct split between them and the rest. They seem to be egg laying machines and when I told Geoff he was absolutely amazed. Apparently they had all but stopped laying for him! Cheeky chickens! 

And so to start clearing the mass of weeds that have thrived during the neglect of the past couple of weeks. I cleared a section, dropping all the weeds into the coop which were greeted with approval. Especially appreciated was the odd slug I included which led to the hilarious game we call Chicken Tag Rugby. This is where one chicken grabs the slug then races away from the others who are trying to steal it. When the chicken reaches a dead end, she turns and has to fight her way through the entire flock if she is to keep the slug. 

Looking at the corn, I decided to try one. It was delicious and I put the end of it into the coop for the chickens. It lasted less than a minute before the entire thing was eaten!

Deciding to call it a day, I had a quick check of the rest of the plot and collected the marrows and added them to to chickens winter stock of greens. I also sorted the fruit bushes as they seem to be determined to tangle themselves together. I am hoping we might get some fruit this year!

So the plan for tomorrow is to fully weed the plot and get the soil in the chicken coop fully turned over.


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