A full day’s labour

With my husband off work and me on Easter hols, we headed down to the allotment determined to make serious inroads into the plot.

Whilst my husband did all the heavy digging – covering almost a third of the entire plot – I did my best to find th strawberry plants buried under several tons of weeds.

The strawberry bed fortunately still contains some tiny plants which I hope will thrive now they have light and room to grow.

The chickens were in fine form today, laying 7 eggs! They got lots of weeds to eat which made them happy as well as sorting out the age old issue of what you do with the weeds once they are out of the soil.

Side note – never give leaves from potatoes, tomatoes or rhubarb to chickens as they are extremely toxic. Ditto for apple seeds!

We stopped for a tea break part way through and returned to digging with renewed vigor. My husband finished hit alloted digging whilst I dragged out the raised bed boxes and sorted out the blackberry and raspberry bushes. These lovely fruit bushes have decided to go awol and intertwine dreadfully with the tayberry.

The blackberry bushes are a thornless variety which was a relief as I had to wrestle with the bushes to get them into some sort of organised chaos.

I have many fond memories of eating tayberries. I do NOT have fond memories of wrestling with the tayberry bush this morning. My hands are shredded and I have puncture marks all over my arms and legs. All I can say is that tayberry had better produce a ton of berries if it wants to live much longer! On the plus side the mini blackcurrant bush seems to have survived the winter!

More digging to follow and a full clear out of the greenhouse this week before dragging my long suffering husband down to clear out the shed. I daren’t do it on my own – the size of the cobwebs in the shed led me to believe we have Shelob or Aragog living in there, in some dark corner ready to eat me.


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