Back with a bang!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and now that technical issues are finally sorted, I can recommence normal updates!The last two weeks have seen huge growth down the allotment as we have (very unusually for Northern England) had two weeks of glorious sunshine! Our daughter’s tree has been planted and looks perfect in the Community Garden. Everyone has said it looks lovely and asked how old it is. I have absolutely no idea but I imagine significantly over 20 years old.All our fruit bushes have gone berserk and we are hoping the great weather should mean we have a bumper crop! The blackberries are starting to flower and I look forward to trading a punnet for some of Geoff’s bramley apples to go in a crumble.The pumpkin plants seem to have decided not to die and are beginning to spread out – I hope to grow a few decent sized ones this year. It’s been many years since I lived in Canada an had pumpkin pie (the traditional pudding of Thanksgiving meals). I think it’s time to try it again!I have yet to resurrect the greenhouse but I plan to clean the glass shortly. We can’t get the glass for the roof back up until my other half has a couple of days off and the weather is clear. The chickens are doing well and keeping me on my toes. Several of them seem to be half considering moulting weirdly halfway through the summer. I am still wondering whether any chicken will decide to go broody this year.The bees continue well post-swarm and we have been carefully checking both hives for a new Queen. Both the nuc box and the main hive have developed and hatched Queens and we are waiting to see if she comes back after leaving the hive to mate. We think we have spotted a few eggs in the main hive which may indicate the new Queen has come back. Sadly, the hive that had dysentery is still struggling and on the last inspection had very little brood and no eggs. The Queen was present but we are fairly certain she isn’t laying. Th only hope for the hive is if they can breed another Queen quickly.And with normal service back, I will sign off with a satisfied flourish!


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