Rain, glorious rain!

I woke up this morning to a sound I knew vaguely. I pondered it a while, trying to think what it was. Then it struck me. Rain! It was finally raining! The rest of the country has had rain and spectacular thunderstorms in the last couple of days but there has been absolutely nothing here. Well, that’s not quite true. We had three drops yesterday afternoon.

But this is proper rain. It looks like it has been raining most of the night and hopefully a good chunk of today. The chickens seem rather unimpressed with the precipitation and have shown their disapprobation by laying only 2 eggs. And I suspect those two were laid reluctantly.

A couple days ago, Steve appeared with a jar of honey for us. It’s so exciting to have a jar of raw honey. The filtered honey contains all the goodness of the honey that’s been processed out of homogenised honey you can buy in the shops. Eating raw (unprocessed) honey is recommended for hayfever suffers as it contains local pollens. Exposure to small amounts of this can lessen hayfever symptoms. All I know for certain is our allotment honey is scrumptious!

The tree continues to do well and we have been watering it several times a week in order to help it settle. The olives are continuing to grow and although they are still tiny, the return of the relentless heat tomorrow means they will have a good chance at growing to a reasonable size.

So tomorrow’s job is to clear behind the fruit bushes and the fruit trees, ready to sort out the greenhouse frame extension to the coop. Ideally, it will fit behind the fruit trees but I am not entirely convinced….


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