Hello Hedgehog!

I ambled to the allotment today to feed the chickens and sort out the apple tree.

I had barely started feeding the chickens before I spotted Cliff on his way past the coop holding a trap with an animal inside. Fortunately it wasn’t a rat, but a gorgeous hedgehog! Cliff released it near the allotment site boundary and it ambled off into a nearby greenhouse. I went to get it some water just in case it was dehydrated.

I then went back to the chickens and finished feeding them. They didn’t seem to appreciate the hedgehog as much as we did for some reason.

Next, I started to clear the apple tree as it has got rather out of hand and has been clogging Mick the Greek’s guttering on his chicken coop. He came to help armed with a saw and set of cutters. Being considerably taller than me, he was able to prune the tree and I collected all the apples as the came off. Mick managed to successfully saw off the biggest branch which was overhanging and helped me tidy the rest of the tree. With the sap still rising fir another few weeks, it means the newly cut branches will have time to seal before any infections can get in.

Just before I left, I went to check on the hedgehog but I couldn’t find it. Hopefully he will have found his way home and will avoid the traps in the future!


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