An unexpected morning

On my way into work, I swung by the allotment to feed the chickens. I was greeted by a working party made of Cliff, Dave the Plod and Mick the Greek who were all busy laying slabs as part of the main pathway running across the width of the site. They have done a cracking job and the new path looks amazing!

After stopping to admire their handiwork, I dashed down to the chickens. They were all in fine form and seemed eager for their morning treats (sunflower seeds and oats).

As I walked up to the tap to refill their water container, Cliff mentioned that one of the rat traps had caught a young hedgehog. We collected the trap and got it out.

As we looked at it, we saw it had around 8 tics on it. These nasty little bugs live off their host by drinking their blood. Cliff got a thick pair of gloves on and picked up the hedgehog and, with a pair off tweezers, attempted to remove as many of the tics as he could. Some of them were quite bloated and were determined to stay with the hedgehog.

The poor hedgehog spent most of the time curled up in a ball, resisting our efforts to make it uncurl enough to access the four tics on its right side near its face. Cliff managed to get a couple off before deciding to stop before we distress it anymore.

I carried the hedgehog down to near the community garden and placed it in a large plant pot to recover. It hadn’t moved when I had to leave but I hope it took itself off home not long afterwards.


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