A surprise egg

Yesterday, we ambled down to the allotment late, just to feed the chickens before we popped out for the afternoon.

Upon arrival into the coop, we were greeted with the usual chorus of clucks and rush of feathers. We fed them and sorted their water before collecting the eggs. The Vorwerks and Cream Legbars have been laying fit to bust but there was another egg in the sawdust. It was smaller than the Black Rock eggs, a mid brown with dark brown flecks. We only get these eggs very occasionally. As chickens get older, they lay more and more infrequently. Some of our girls are 6 or 7 years old and have basically finished laying bar the very occasional egg (a couple of times a year).

Evie and Emily rarely lay now due to their age but on special occasions, they decide to join in with the younger girls to show them how it’s done.


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