Storm repairs

Yesterday, with Phil’s help, I patched up the corner of the shed roof with felt courtesy of Michael. I got the first strip on OK, balanced somewhat precariously on a ladder.

The second strip was harder as I couldn’t reach far enough across the roof to put it under the top layer of felt. Phil came over to help and I secured it into place with tacks.

Last night a storm blew through with gusts apparently around 80 mph. I went down this morning to find the ladder had fallen over and smashed two of the glass panels in the side of the greenhouse. Frustrating but we have to replace several panels in the roof but not too bad. Then I went into the shed to find some water had leaked down one of the back panels due to the wind shredding my roof repair attempt.

So I am going to take Phil’s advice and ask Will to help redo the roof so that it is completely water-tight.


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