An idiotic bird and new arrivals

This morning I dashed down to the allotment very early to let Polly out. It was freezing and I had hoped that shutting Polly in would remind her where she needs to be – on the eggs and nowhere else!

I opened the door and out she shot. I wasn’t surprised she did that but I wasn’t impressed that over an hour later she was still out. Clearly she isn’t broody and yesterday’s strop was just her being difficult. With the help of Rachael, I got her out and dumped hee unceremoniously back into the main coop with the others.

I spotted Mel and her sister battling with their greenhouse. I wandered across and offered to help. Mel was replacing an opening mechanism on the greenhouse roof and invariably, the nuts wouldn’t budge. I ran home to pick up an adjustable spanner and and a pair of pliers. Between us, we got both nuts off and took out the glass. It’s why I love the allotment – there is always someone to help out with any job or difficult task.

Mick the Greek swung by to check on Emily. He suggested that moving Emily into the wooden broody box would give her more room. I dashed up to the shed and carefully put the hatching eggs into the box.

As I was finishing putting them into the box, Mick had managed to extract Emily from the other broody box. She was absolutely livid and gave Mick a good pecking. He dropped her into the coop and she spent the next 10-15 minutes shouting at the world. Eventually, she went into the box and sat on the eggs. Here’s hoping that in 21 days, we will have chicks!

After sorting Emily out, I went up to the clubhouse to catch up with everyone. Mick was already there and Geoff was in charge of tea making. Rachael swung by and we had a chat about her wormery. It does sound rather intriguing and I plan to spend the evening planning out best to make my own. Rachael kindly offered me some of her worms so I can start as soon as I have made the wormery!

Cliff received an important phone call and disappeared off site for a bit. When he reappeared, he grabbed a wheelbarrow and asked me to help him move something. It was all very mysterious. Cliff’s car was parked at the back of the site and the boot contained a massive black bin that made a sloshing sound.

In the bin was filled with water and in the water was quite possibly the biggest fish I have ever seen. It was a black koi karp! Apparently it is a female and about to lay eggs. The pond could end up being full of koi karp.

As an added bonus, the bin had two beautiful adult frogs and two smaller silver-grey fish. They all disappeared quickly into the water and hopefully enjoy their new home.

On that happy note, I bimbled home to my mountain of paperwork I have been trying to ignore for the past week.


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