An evening stroll

On my way back from the retail park, I decided to pick up some things from home before going for a walk around the allotment. It’s something I love to do at this time of year. The allotment is bursting into life after months of slumber.

I took down my new kitchen compost bin with food scraps for the worms. Trust Aldi to have exactly what I need when I need it! I was struggling to find a suitable box for kitchen scraps which would keep the scraps reasonably fresh and sealed.

I enjoyed the quiet on site as I opened up the shed and got out the wormery. The shredded paper and coconut compost were still damp and I added a layer of finely chopped vegetable scraps. Hopefully the worms will work their way up to the new food supply over the next week. As per instructions from the Internet, I covered the food with another layer if damp shredded newspaper. I replaced the hessian blanket and put the wormery away in the shed.

As was packing up the shed, I heard a buzzing. I spotted several bees around our bug hotel. I spent several minutes watching the bees go in and out of the holes in the hotel. I have tried to catch it on video but it was difficult to get the fine detail either on the video or in the photographs.

After all that excitement, I ambled down to the Community Garden and spent some time happily pulling out weeds from the bark chippings. I checked our olive tree, the trunk seems to have tried out quite considerably although it’s not fully dry yet.

Next I walked around site. I have tried to capture the beautiful transition from winter to summer that happens in all corners of the allotment site. Every corner you turn, someone is trying something different and growing something new. All the flowers are coming up and the fruit tree blossom adds a delicate fragrance to the air.


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