New coop improvements

This morning I escaped my mountain of paperwork and disappeared down the allotment for a couple of hours. Upon my arrival, I went around the site to check on the bees. The wild bumble bee hive wasn’t active and there was minimal activity in the other three hives. The high wind and threat of rain in the air was definitely keeping them inside.I ran into Cliff who was off to Will’s to pick up the nest boxes for the new coop on Rachael’s plot. I joined him as he went to collect it. Will measured up the coop door yesterday and had built it so it would fit through the door and could be pushed into place. Fortunately, it was small enough to fit inside Cliff’s car – the last thing we transported was the coop and it was so big it didn’t fit in the trailer!I took off the edge panel so it would fit in mor easily before sliding it to the back of the coop. It looks amazing! All that is left is to put in a perch for the girls and finish off the run.I spent some time cleaning the main coop and feeding the girls before heading up to the greenhouse to check on Emily. Emily has decided she sometimes needs a few seconds of space and has begun to jump up out if the coop onto the run edge. It terrifies the chicks so she jumps straight back down but you can tell she can’t wait to get back to normal!My hope for the new coop is that it is comfy for the rescue chickens who won’t necessarily have any experience of outdoor living. I plan to put Millie, who has been living with Cliff for the last 18 months, in with the new ones to show them how to be a happy allotment chicken. I am sure she will do an excellent job!

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