Calm before the storm

We arrived down on site today armed with two enormous bags of chicken food (layers pellets and mixed corn) and a gigantic bag of sawdust. My initial plan was to clean out the chickens today but with a storm looming, I put it off.

All the girls were happy to see us and we’re clearly enjoying the sunshine. I threw out their treats to keep them busy whilst we sorted out the food bins. Last month, we bought a massive bag of sunflower seeds which made sound financial sense, but severely restricts the room available in the food bins. Eventually, I got it all in and shut the lids. Leia and Rey were busy in the greenhouse shouting at our arrival through the back door of the greenhouse. Geoff had cleverly remembered that the front door of the greenhouse has a nasty tendency to indulge it’s suicidal thoughts whenever there is any strong wind. His rather ingenious solution was to put the bench across the door to hold it in place. Normally, it wouldn’t matter if the door fell off apart from the irritation of having to replace the glass panels. However, with two chickens living inside the greenhouse, their security depends on the door being in place. I guess we will find out tomorrow how successful it has been!


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