Joy amongst the misery

At work we have been keeping 9 fertile eggs in an incubator – yesterday in the midst of the chaos of coronavirus, we welcomed the arrival of nine wonderfully gorgeous fluffy chicks! When I arrived this morning, there were seven little faces looking at me from the incubator. The first two chicks arrived yesterday to great excitement. We transferred them to their new enclosure with a large heat lamp and lots of space. It took them a while to explore their new home but they seem happy with it. They have worked out how the water feeder works and made a good start on the chick crumb.

One member of staff is taking 2-3 home with her when they are bigger and I will take the rest. These are Rhode Island Red chicks and therefore will be a welcome boost to egg production for our aging flock. Despite everything going on, the lockdowns, the fear and panic, it’s good to know life can still be miraculous and beautiful.

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