An early start

Today we walked down to the allotment to feed Dolly before I left for work. She wasn’t happy about being caught but was fairly cooperative when I was feeding her. When I opened her beak, found a large sunflower seed and a piece of corn stuck in her beak. I managed to get them out. She can’t have been comfortable with those in her beak – although I guess it shows she is still trying to eat. Dolly continues to refuse the oil dose but the water and egg was more appreciated. She is still not out of the woods but she is walking around the run and enjoying the sunshine.

It’s so beautiful down the allotment today. A warm still morning, almost Mediterranean in feel. The stillness of the morning was of course ruined by an irate Leia, distinctly unimpressed with me walking past the greenhouse and not feeding her and Rey, began to shriek her disapprobation for the entire world to hear. Rolling my eyes, we left her to sulk. We could still hear her shouting at us as we walked home.


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