Too hot to work

At lunchtime we walked down to the allotment. It was boiling hot although there were clouds building, hopefully offering some relief from the sun. We let Rey and Leia outside and said hello to various people who were also down enjoying the fresh air.

Whilst I watched Dolly drink and prepared her syringes, my husband fed and cleaned out the girls in the main coop. Mission accomplished, we caught Dolly and began. She had lots of gunk in her beak which took a few minutes to get rid of. Then all the usual water, egg yolk and oil to keep her hydrated. We also have her a dose of oregano oil which acts as an antibiotic. She seemed more feisty today which is good. Before we out her down I tried to have another scrape of her beak and I managed to get several medium sized chunks out as well as peeling off some gunk from the side of her beak. The side of her beak still doesn’t look right and we are now wondering whether it’s some sort of growth rather than canker. Or a mix of both. It’s difficult to know.

We decided to give any hard work a miss today as it was far too hot. Tomorrow, hopefully it will be cooler and we can get on with some more jobs.


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    1. I’m sorry to hear you can’t go to your allotment. It is such a relief to get down there and escape the house! It’s different from normal because of social distancing and all the new rules but if it means the site stays open then it’s worth it!

      Chickens at the moment are keeping us on our toes! The chicks are growing massively, I think they have nearly doubled in size since we got them!


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