A quick visit

This morning we dashed down to the allotment as I had work. We quickly fed the chicks – they are still growing massively each day. I don’t know how much bigger they will get but at the rate they are going, they will be the world’s biggest chickens! We are still unsure about how many cockerels we have. At 5 weeks old, it’s still early but it would be useful to know so that we can call the farmer to come and collect them.

The girls in the main coop were busy scratching and having dust baths. I nearly got my hand pecked off when I tried hand feeding Pop, Snap and Polly. Leaving my husband to finish feeding the girls, I went off to say good morning to Leia and Rey.

Leia spotted me coming and let off a loud series of clucks. Rey then joined in. By the time I got to their coop, it was rather deafening! I cleared two eggs (clearly my talk with Rey yesterday had worked) and topped up their food and water.

Onto Dolly. She has taken a definite downturn. Dolly was more sleepy and less active today especially when she was in the shed being fed. We have tried everything to help her but she is getting weaker over time. She had some egg yolk and water as well as a short nap in the shed before being put back into her coop. I’m not sure how much longer we will have her.


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