A parcel for Koko

Yesterday afternoon a parcel arrived. Recognising the sender and the feel of the parcel I knew that tomorrow Cliff would be a happy man. I dashed down to the allotment this morning, armed with the parcel and set out to find him. I found Koko sleeping in Cliff’s shed so I was confident of finding him.

I found him at the bottom of his plot and gave him the parcel. Out came a stunning hand knitted dog jumper embroidered with Koko’s name on the side. It was a beautiful mix of yellows, oranges and pinks in a beautiful pattern. We decided that Koko should have a fitting straight away. She was less enthused about the entire scenario and sulked the whole way through it, making sure to be as difficult as possible at every stage.

But eventually, it was done. After shaking and some suspicious sniffing of the jumper, she paraded up and down outside Cliff’s shed. Doesn’t she look amazing?


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