Too hot to work

This morning we ambled down slowly to the allotment. Despite every day in lockdown feeling the same, Saturdays still require a lazy morning. By the time we got down, it was hot. We opened up the greenhouse and shed to air them.

We decided it was too hot to do anything useful other than feed the chickens. It was a quick job today as my husband sorted all the water bowls and I topped up all the food containers. Unfortunately, Leia and Rey hadn’t laid their eggs and neither had one of the old girls. We collected the only two eggs in any nest box and pottered home.

Unusually, I went back to the allotment this evening. I had a special delivery to drop off and I wanted to say hello to Liz and Sarah who were also planning on going down. I lugged the 8ft long tree stake through the gate and carefully manoeuvred it through the maze of greenhouses without any disasters. After a while debating about how to paint the pole, I decided to go for the light seagrass colour and then add some stripes of sage provided I felt ambitious enough tomorrow.

I went to catch up with Sarah and Liz. Liz was busy sorting out nematodes. These are microscopic worms that when added to water can be used as an incredibly effective slug repellant. The ones that Liz has bought for her plot were rather different to Phil’s nematode concoction which smells to high heaven and seems to require regular adding of slugs. Liz diluted the powder containing the nematodes into a bucket of water. This was vigorously stirred (according to the instructions on the box!) before a bottle full of liquid was taken out and further diluted in a watering can. I definitely need to talk to Phil about how he does his nematodes because Liz’s didn’t smell like a half rotted corpse!

Before I left, I had a play with Daisy, Sarah and Liz’s dog. It’s some fancy poodle breed crossed with some other breeds who I can’t remember and wouldn’t know even if I did. Daisy loves cuddles and I had great fun playing with her to see if she would shake paws and sit. Much to my amusement, Daisy would shake both paws with me but refuses to do so with anyone else! It’s lovely to have another dog on site. As I walked up to the shed, I suddenly remembered that I wanted to check the coops for eggs. It’s a good thing I did as there were another 3, clearly laid late in the day. I gathered the two eggs from earlier and headed home.

Plan for tomorrow is to level out the soil provided the weather is cooler and finish digging over the last bit of soil by the broody coop.

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