Afternoon visit

After work, we popped down to the allotment to water the plants and check on the chickens. My husband had been busy feeding the chicks and chickens this morning but as it was early, none of the girls had laid anything.

I collected three eggs from the main coop and wondered why my husband was taking so long in collecting eggs from Leia and Rey. Their coop door is difficult to open and close so I assumed he was wrestling with it. A shout came and I pottered across to see what was happening. Looking rather nonplussed, my husband told me Leia had pecked him. She has a lovely temperament and this seemed out of character. I bent down and had a look through the door into the nest box. There she was. Nestled up and looking rather grumpy. I had a hunch she might be broody. To check, I carefully reached forward towards her and watched her fluff out her feathers as she gave a warning cluck. If she is still in the nest box tomorrow evening, we will need to order some hatching eggs!

Before we left, we used both watering cans to give all the new plants a good water. Several plants looked quite wilted but hopefully a good soak will perk them up.


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