An evening stroll

After dinner this evening, we walked down to the allotment. Although it was still warm, it was considerably cooler than a couple of hours earlier. Upon arrival we met Tracy, Andy and Steve all busy watering their plots.

My husband did most of the watering as I had a chat with Andy about turning the olive tree pot into a pond. Andy has lots of experience with ponds and is an excellent source of information. I explained how I wanted to cover the sides of the pot so that you couldn’t see the pot as well as ensuring a safe access point for wildlife. He suggested a mixture of logs, branches and rocks which could be placed in such a way as to allow wildlife to get to the pond and drink without risk of drowning. The plan was set and we will make a start tomorrow!

Next we went down to the flower bed and weeded it. My husband dug it over and we planted our new star jasmine and honeysuckle. I just hope they take! If they do they will provide a stunning flowering screen in front of the fruit section.


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