Feeding the bees

This afternoon I walked down to the allotment again to check on the chicks. Rey is almost completely fully integrated but the chicks are still keeping away from the others. When I arrived I couldn’t see them as they were hiding under the nest box.

I decided to weed a section of the plot. It’s so much easier to do now that the plot is split. There is some big psychological barrier about digging over or weeding a massive expanse of the plot versus an eight foot by four foot bed. As I was finishing it off, Steve appeared and asked for a hand in putting the feeders on the hive.

We went to Phil’s shed and picked up three supers (without frames) and three white feeding boxes. Phil had made up a massive batch of sugar syrup and dropped it off earlier in the day. Hives 1, 4 and 6 were swarms and in view of the sudden change in the weather, the colonies run the risk of starving. We removed the top of the hive and placed the new super on top of the crown board. The feeder only goes in only one way into the super which makes life easier. The super was filled with 2 pints of sugar syrup before we closed up the hive. We will check on how much syrup is left after a few days.

Depending on the weather tomorrow, we hope to pick up some pond plants and find some rocks and logs to go around the outside.


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