A new bee suit

This morning I walked down to the allotment in between heavy rain showers. The chickens ran to meet me, some of them looked like they had sat out in the rain. Georgie in particular looked especially bedraggled. Quickly, I topped up their food and water and collected an egg.

Next, I checked on the new pond plants. They are all alive and looking healthy. I have been browsing online for some other plants to grow around the edge of the pond and set my heart on having water forget-me-nots. Before I buy anything, the logs around the pond need to be in place. Andy had a good idea of drilling a large hole in the logs and growing plants from them. It would save on plant pots and I think would add to the natural look of the pond area.

I was just about to start clearing out the greenhouse when I got a message from my husband saying two parcels had arrived at home. Dropping everything, I dashed home to find my bee keeping suit had arrived! I had spent hours and hours trying to work out the sizes and ended up guessing. Nervously, I tried it all on. It all fitted! The ankle wellies I bought are a perfect height to fit under the trousers and gloriously match my new jacket. The only problem is the weather is not conducive to bee hive inspections. But the next time the hives are due a check, I will be there in my new kit.

So provided we have a long enough break from the rain tomorrow, I will clean out the greenhouse, reclaiming it from its use as a chicken coop and reorganise it. I have several ideas about what I will grow but the greenhouse will need some altering for it all to work.


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