In between the showers

I dashed down to the allotment in the rain this morning. I don’t know how the weather instinctively knows when I am stepping out the door but it always saves the heaviest rain for me walking to the allotment. By the time I arrived, I was fairly soaked. I stopped to have a chat with Geoff and off before they headed off home.

My first job was to go down and check on Leia. The eggs could hatch from tomorrow although Saturday is the official day. Cliff’s chicks hatched a day early so I made a note to pick up some chick crumb just in case Leia’s egg hatch. Upon opening the door, I was greeted by the usual angry screeching and irate glares. She had shuffled herself around on her nest and had pretty much finished the food. I left her to strop at being disturbed while I changed her water, topped up her food and even found some weeds for her to enjoy. My efforts were greeted with a stoney silence which is probably as close to a thank you as I am likely to get. I will spend some time down the allotment tomorrow, armed with an umbrella to see if any of the eggs start hatching!

In the main coop all was well. We still have two very distinct camps of chickens and Rey seemed to prefer hiding under the nest box for some reason today. I threw out their treats, collected three eggs and changed the water. The chicks came out and settled on the top of the food bins. They are still chased off by Millie but up there, I made sure they got a few undisturbed minutes eating. I have used the mixing bowl and filled it with some growers pellets and letting the chicks scoff it away from the older girls.

Before I left, I went to check on the plants in the bog garden. They seem to be surviving the wind and rain quite well. Checking in the shed, I found Phil had left me the latest Cheshire Bee Keeping Association newsletter which I took home to read.


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