Chicks go exploring

We dashed down to the allotment this morning early to sort out the chickens before going for a walk. Upon our arrival, we immediately checked that Leia had all of her chicks. She did. Whilst my husband went off to top up their food bowl and change their water, I watched Leia stretch her legs outside. After a couple of minutes, a brave chick ventured out to join her. Where one went, the others follwed, with all of them exploring outside together.

Moving onto the main coop, we discovered Pop sitting with the chicks which was nice and rather surprising. We hand fed the chickens their treats and my husband picked up Tommy for a cuddle. He really is getting much tamer. There were no eggs but the change in weather is probably as much to blame as their being lazy.

Depending on the weather over the next few days, I hope to plant the bog plants (assuming they arrive), and make a start on the stumpery.


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