Pigeon Rescue

This evening, I walked down to the allotment in the blistering heat. It has been insanely hot today, it hit 31 degrees by 10am and the temperature continued to climb. Even at gone 6pm, the temperature was awfully high. As I arrived on site, I spotted my poor monkey puzzle tree was beginning to wilt. I was hit by a wall of heat as the door opened. I dashed in, grabbed the tree and sprinted back out. I left both doors open to try and cool it down as I moved onto watering the plants.

I noticed both ponds were a little low so I spent a few minutes topping them up. Irritatingly, the pump on the bog garden pond wasn’t working. I checked the solar panel and cleaned it but it refused to work. Something to try and fix another day when the ambient air temperature doesn’t resemble the surface of the sun.

Next, I moved onto changing the chickens water. They had enough but in changing it, it gives them a cool drink at least for a little while. I also filled up the rain bucket with fresh water and tried to encourage the girls to dip their feet in it to cool down. Judging from the reaction when I caught and dipped their feet in, none of them are hiding latent duck tendencies. After putting a few of them in, I gave up. Half heartedly, I checked in the nest box and was astonished to find eight eggs! It’s been months since we last had that many!

Upon hearing a shout behind me, I turned to see Sarah and Liz arriving on their plot. I went to say hello and we had a chat, all of us enjoying the shade on their plot. As they got busy watering, I disappeared off to check on Leia and her chicks. They were a there, outside in the run and cheeping away merrily. I changed their inside water bowl and left them to their evening.

I was about to leave when Sarah called me saying there was a young bird trapped behind the fence between the park and their plot. It was a fully fledged young pigeon and it was desperately trying to get out. Reaching down, I tried to pull aside the wire to help it get out but it just moved further away and got more frantic. In the end, I decided to chase it towards the back of Sarah’s plot where there was a larger gap at the bottom of the fence. It wriggled underneath and spent the next fifteen minutes pottering around the plot. Liz spotted that it had a ring on it’s leg, so clearly it’s owned and it would explain why it wasn’t too fussed when I got close.

Leaving the bird in Sarah and Liz’s capable hands, I pottered back to my plot, closed up the shed and had a quick glance around the allotment. I spotted something unusual in the pond. At first I thought it was a stray petal or bit of rubbish but it was actually a flower on our water hawthorn! So exciting!

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