Between a rock and a hard place

After finding a local-ish advert for lots of rockery rocks going for free to a good home, I dragged my husband into the car and we set off. We drove for about fifteenth minutes to Rode Heath and finally pulled up at the right house after spending several minutes trying (and failing!) to find the right house. The seller was a lovely older man who had a spectacular front garden, full of different water features and carved statues. He had thoughtfully filled a wheelbarrow full of the rocks to make life easier for us. Whilst my husband wheeled the first barrow load to the car, I stood and chatted to the seller. It turns out he had had a rockery for years and had even moved these rocks from a previous house. By the time the second barrow load was in the car, the boot was full and we managed to fit in the last few smaller rocks on top. We thanked him and set off home via Middlewich to pick up some items for the cactus garden (more on that another day).

When we arrived back at the allotment we borrowed a communal wheelbarrow. This would have made life easier however, the wheel had a severe puncture and using it was actually harder than just doing lots of trips between the plot and the car. Eventually, all the rocks were on the veranda and I spent several minutes arranging them into place. As they are so pristine and white, they make an eye catching feature at the edge of the veranda.

We decided to pop across to Secret Garden Nursery and pick up a bag of compost. As always, I got distracted and ended up buying two small plants for the rockery. One with white flowers and the other with blue. My next job is to find and source some lovely plants which will provide the finishing touch for the rockery. I have partially mixed the new rocks with the sandstone rocks and I think it works. However, if my friend has anymore sandstone rocks available in the next few weeks, I might have a sandstone rockery on the left and the limestone one on the right. Choices choices!


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