Mushroom Logs Again

This evening as the heat of the day was beginning to relent, we walked down to the allotment to put Pop back inside. It was still horribly hot. Pop had managed to shuffle herself to the corner of the run. While impressive, it was rather frustrating because it made catching her difficult. I managed to get her in the end and put her into the nest box. Her crop was quite full which shows she has been eating independently which is great. Leia was sulking in the nest box – I have no idea what it up with that chicken at the moment!

We opened up the shed and made a start on finishing off the shiitake log. The battery had failed me halfway through and the drill bit had got stuck deep in the log. A recharged battery sorted out the problem quickly and my husband finished off drilling the holes before hammering in the dowels. I had brought down a thermos of hot water to melt the wax to seal in the dowel. The leftover wax from the first mushroom session was still in the little metal pot I had borrowed from Phil. It melted really quickly and I put a thick layer over each dowel.

We moved onto the final log and got half way through drilling the holes before the battery ran out again. Typical. Ten minutes from being able to finish the job, it means that it will have to wait until tomorrow. I hammered in the Oyster dowels. Apparently these are some of the easiest mushrooms to grow in logs. I guess we will have to wait and see!

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