Wiped out by the Heat

I dragged myself to the allotment this morning. The incredible lightning storm of last night has done very little to break the relentless humidity of the past few days. By the time I arrived on site, I was melting. I set up Pop in her wheelchair with some food while I sat and chatted with Cliff and Geoff.

Getting her toes flat was much easier today and she tolerated being manhandled much better. Pop tucked into her food as if she hadn’t eaten in days before having a nap to sleep it all off. Dave the Plod appeared armed with an array of tools to fix one of the water taps. He stopped to have a look at Pop dozing in her frame. I pointed out to Cliff how Pop’s legs seemed to be improving and he recommended doing her legs again. Sudacrem is incredible stuff but it gets absolutely everywhere! Sporting a pair of shiny white legs and a disgruntled expression, I took Pop from Cliff and walked back into the pot.By now it was even hotter and she enjoyed sitting in the cool soil whilst Leia found a comfy shady spot in the run. I chose a small shady patch near Pop and watched as she demolished two kale leaves, her entire food bowl and most of her water.

By now it was definitely lunch time, so I placed Pop back into the coop with Leia and walked home determined to climb into the freezer to cool off.


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