RIP Georgie

Sadly this morning, we lost Georgie. Rescued from a commercial farm where she lived with thousands of other chickens. She never went outside or had the opportunity to eat all different types of food. In her 13 months retirement with us, she has enjoyed spending time outdoors, eating all sorts of different treats and spending time in the sun.

Georgie had a very cheeky personality and was my little feathery shadow in the coop. She was also famous for clucking like a duck rather than a chicken.

Although we didn’t have Georgie for long, it saved her from the usual fate of commercial hens when they reach 18 months of age. Happily for many ex-commerical hens, there are several charities who take the hens from the farmers and re-home them. We have had nine Warrens over the years and they are prone to medical issues. Unfortunately, they have been overbred which leaves them vulnerable to all manner of physical ailments. On the flip side, they are the friendliest of all the hens we have had. With losing Katie a few months ago, we only have Hattie left from the three we rescued. I really can’t imagine having a flock without a couple of cheeky and happy Warrens!


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