What is Pop doing?

Early this morning, I walked down to the allotment to feed the chickens. Looking into the greenhouse, I watched as Leia stretched and came out of the nest box but no sign of Pop. Surely she had to be in the nest box somewhere? Reaching into the next box, I felt a bundle of feathers and pulled her out. She was not impressed at being forced out of bed although the grumpiness lessened when presented with food. Honestly, you would think I never fed that chicken!

In the main coop, all was well and I spent several minutes cleaning out the nest box and inspecting for mites. Over the past few days, the number of mites I have seen has decreased but I won’t rest easy until I have blitzed the nest box with antimite fluid twice more. Cassie disappeared into the nest box which is a considerable improvement on laying an egg on top of the nest box!

When I got back up to the greenhouse there was no sign of an extra egg. Pop was busy scoffing food. Maybe she will lay another day…


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