Coop cleaning in the cold

This afternoon I ambled down to the allotment, wrapped up warm against the cold. The temperature has definitely dropped significantly today. Upon arrival, I found Lilja and Leia sitting together up on top of the nest box. They immediately moved when I opened the door with Leia instantly and incessantly demanding to be fed. Telling her she needed to wait, I grabbed a dustpan and brush and made a start to cleaning out the greenhouse.

Whilst I swept up the old bedding, Lilja dashed between the top of the shelves and the top of the nest box like a maniac. No idea what she thought she was doing. Several minutes later, I had got the floor clear and the nest box emptied. Leaving Leia and Lilja to themselves, I walked down to the main coop.

Before I went into the coop, I had to deal with the nearly overflowing poo bucket. It’s a job I hate but necessary. Holding my nose, I emptied the bucket into the chicken compost bin and quickly slammed the lid on to keep the smell to a minimum. In the coop, I threw out their treats and received a peck from Tommy which I immediately told him off for. That cockerel is a disgrace. He is fully grown but nowhere near the top of the pecking order.

Back in the greenhouse, I spread a thick layer of sawdust on the floor and in the nest box. Hopefully the fresh bedding will encourage them to actually lay eggs! Before I left, I walked up and down the plot pondering ideas for next season.


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