Winter days

Over the past couple of weeks the weather has swung between Artic and typical January rain. As the plot is either frozen solid or flooded, there had been little to do apart from feeding the chickens. The lockdown rules are getting tighter so I have been going down in the afternoons to avoid as many people as possible. But this morning was different. Despite being quite cool, the sky was blue and the winter sunshine was doing its best to make the day more cheerful. Grabbing a hat and a coat, I dashed across to the allotment.

As I arrived, I found Phil and Steve heading off to work. Cliff put the kettle on and I pottered off to feed the chickens. The warmer weather has meant that the chickens water doesn’t freeze over several times a day which is a relief! All chickens fed and accounted for, I rather hopelessly checked for eggs. Nothing. However, there is hope. Over the next few weeks, the days will get longer which should encourage the girls to lay. Of course, to throw everything off, Aggie and Cassie have decided to moult now which will delay their laying for another few weeks. Typical!

After sorting the chickens, I joined Cliff, Rachel and Geoff (sitting 2 metres apart as per lockdown rules) as we slowly put the world to rights. I shared my latest chicken discovery (boots for aiding the healing of bumblefoot) much to the hilarity of the others. Cliff and I also agreed that Geoff’s new scooter definitely needed some go faster stripes! Rachel share her plans for the new season which made me realise I haven’t put together a game plan yet! The season has a tendency to suddenly start and always seems to catch us unprepared every year. I headed off home to start planning!


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