Eggs and a delivery

The wind has been really high over night and during the day which has dropped the air temperature significantly. It feels perishing if you have to be outside for more than a few minutes. Sarah messaged me to say our combined seed order had arrived at last. I dropped everything and ran across to meet her.

We have decided to order some different seeds this year to try and grow a wider range of crops. It’s highly unlikely that we will actually grow anything to harvest as the plot traditionally floods several times throughout the growing season. But I live in hope of getting a half plot that doesn’t flood regularly. That seems very unlikely however. The greenhouse project will be the first job , cleaning the glass, building a couple of raised beds as well as some general sorting to get it up and running. For good measure, I have also bought a new Williams Pear tree to replace the dead Conference pear at the bottom of the fruit section.

When I cleaned out the greenhouse, I was astonished to find a small white egg. It was too light to be Leia’s and I know from Geoff that Sadie lays a green egg (like the Cream Legbars). Logic dictates that the egg must have been laid by Lilja although I can’t hardly believe it!

Even more miraculous was the discovery of three eggs in the main coop! This is getting dangerously like a decent amount of eggs! Maybe we can now stop buying shop night eggs at last? Leaving the girls and Tommy with fresh food and a generous handful of sunflower seeds, I headed back up to the shed to pick up the seed potatoes and lugged them home.

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