A Trip to the Tip

Today was quite a momentous day. Before I headed to the allotment this morning, I walked across to the Covid vaccination centre and got my jab. The centre was so efficient that I was in and out in 15 minutes! Nursing a slightly tender arm, I walked to the allotment and was greeted by the usual faces. I stopped to have a quick chat with everyone before heading off to feed the chickens. In the main coop, I found two eggs and the lack of treats meant I beat a hasty retreat. We really must pick up some more sunflower seeds if we are to be able to go into the coop without a chorus of verbal abuse from the girls. Up in the greenhouse, I collected another two eggs and again left after a barrage of abuse. These chickens are incredibly demanding!

Cliff caught me and asked for some help taking some cuttings to the tip. Between us, we lugged two enormous builder’s bags onto Cliff’s trailer. The second one weighed a ton. The only way to get it onto the trailer was for me to stand on the trailer and pull whilst Cliff heaved the bag up the ramp. By the time it was securely on the trailer, I had managed to sandwich myself between the bags and had to employ rusty gymnastic skills to extracate myself from the trailer. Cliff then drove around to the car park and I ran through the site to let him in. Next to the car park were another two bags – one went into the boot and the other got tied on to the top of the trailer.

On a previous trip to the tip, Cliff’s trailer managed to unhitch itself within a couple of minutes of setting off. The speed bumps on Henry Street are pretty severe. On the drive across to the tip, it was my job to keep checking we still had the trailer attached. This was tricky as the builder’s bag in the boot completely obscured the view of the back of the car. The only way I could check was by twisting around each time we turned a corner, hoping to catch a glimpse of the green top bar of the trailer. Fortunately, the trailer survived the trip although it might be a while before my neck returns to normal!

Once at the tip, we pulled up and wrestled with the first bag, heaving it up to the side of the skip before tipping out the contents. Two more bags swiftly followed but the last bag was awful. There was absolutely no way we could lift it as we had only just managed getting it onto the trailer in the first place. After a few minutes of consideration, we decided to haul handfuls of the stuff into the skip to lighten the bag. Half the bag seemed to be soil which explained why it was so heavy! Bags emptied, we drove back to the allotment for a well deserved drink.

We sat by the shed and Cliff mentioned that he knew where to find a replacement window for the shed. He duly disappeared and a few minutes later, reappeared with a window that was almost the perfect size. My job is to clean it and Cliff will help us install over the next week. This should solve the minor leak by the bottom left corner of the window. We will need to buy some clear sealant to stop any leaks around the window frame but this will also allow us to plug a couple of smaller leaks in the roof around the tacks holding the felt in place. The final touch on the roof is being worked on as we speak…


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