Sunny Days on the Plot

Today was the day that nonessential shops could open for the first time since December. Up early, I dashed into town before it got too busy and popped into my favourite shop. Armed with new sewing fabric, I began to wall home. Partway back, I spotted I had a missed call from Steve. I called back to let him know I was on my way down. As I arrived on site, I spotted Steve with Dave the Plod and Cliff. I said hello and Steve explained his deal – the old greenhouse Fiona and I had dismantled and brought into site (and never managed to get up!) for the 2m x 3m chicken coop on his plot. I immediately agreed and Will got busy loading it onto Steve’s trailer to go for scrap. Very excited, I messaged my husband to let him know.

By the time I had opened up the shed, had a chat with Geoff, Andy and the others, the morning was half gone. I found Cliff and we set off to the guy who has been busy making the potting bench order. He only lives a few minutes from the site and with Cliff’s car and trailer, we were confident that the benches would be easy to get to the allotment. Upon arrival, we managed to get one into the back of Cliff’s car and the other upended in the trailer. When we arrived back, we deposited the benches on the front and jumped back into the car for the last bench and my wellie store. As we finished loading the car, Cliff spotted that the man made benches. He immediately put in an order for his front garden at home. All spent up, we drove back to site.

Lugging the potting benches all over the site wasn’t something I was looking forward to but as ever, Cliff had a solution. Using an expandable trolley with a single bench perched on top, we quickly dropped off the benches to their new homes. The wellie box, we kept by the site gate so my husband could collect it after work.

Onto the next task which was to load up three builder’s bags and go to the tip. Between us, we tied the bags securely onto the trailer and set off. There was inevitably a queue at the tip but whilst we waited, we put the world to rights. Finally, we pulled up and were able to throw the rubbish away. I spotted a beautiful little wooden crate in blue that had been left half out of the skip. Checking no one in a high-vis jacket was looking, I quickly stashed it in the car whilst Cliff was busy putting the builder’s bags away. Once we were back on site, it was getting past lunchtime so I headed off to the local chippie to get lunch for us both. We sat in the sunshine outside Cliff’s shed feeling like the morning had been well spent.

Apart from feeding the chickens, the rest of the afternoon was spent hobnobbing with Cliff, Dave and Phil. The sun was out, the sky was a stunning shade of blue and there was a light breeze. If ever there was an afternoon to sit in the shed and watch the world go by, this was it. So I did! To keep me company, I moved Roxy and Trixy into a small run placed on a weedy spot for them to enjoy.

Tomorrow, assuming the weather continues to be good, I will work out how to move the nest box from Rachel’s plot to it’s new home on Liz and Sarah’s plot. Will built it and it’s amazing but it weighs about the same as a bull elephant…


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