An Evening Walk

I ambled down to the allotment this evening to see how Snap and Sadie were getting on with the others. When I arrived Lilja and Leia were confidently walking around the run with Sadie and Snap hiding behind the perches. Rolling my eyes, I watched as Lilja and Leia took themselves to bed. Leia however, didn’t want to share the nest box and refused to let Snap in. I shoved Leia out of the way and Sadie hopped in. Poor Snap stood on the ramp dithering. Clearly she wanted to go inside but didn’t want to be pecked by Leia. I gently caught her and put her through the door and shut the door. There were a few clucks and some shuffling but no angry shouts.

Next I went to check on the girls on the main coop. They were also going to bed, all in a line on the top of the nest box. Tommy was busy keeping the girls in order, making sure all the girls were settled before wedging himself between Aggie and Hattie.

In the Omlet, Roxy and Trixy were the last to go to bed and I ended up playing hide and seek for several minutes waiting for them to both go into the nest box. Due to the rain and drop in temperature, I closed their door to help them stay warmer overnight. Shutting all the chickens in protects them from cold and predators bit the downside is that someone has to be up early in the morning to let them out!

Before I left, I walked around once more to check each coop and it was then I spotted a new addition to the coop on Liz and Sarah’s plot – a gorgeous wooden chicken above the run door. I immediately recognised it as Will’s beautiful wood work. It’s a beautiful decoration for the run!

The plan over the next few days is to get some seedlings going and to dig over the plot ready for planting.


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