A Quiet Evening

This evening, I walked down to the allotment to check on the chickens. Happily, everyone was busy enjoying the brief respite from the relentless rain of the past week. Roxy and Trixy greeted me with loud shouts and continued to holler at me until I had thrown in enough weeds to satisfy them. It took quite some time and a lot of weeds!

I whizzed around the other two coops and collected several eggs. Snap seems to be better integrated with Leia and Lilja now although she does still loiter just out of beak range to stay safe. One of the eggs was an absolute whopper – 91g and twice the length of any of the others. Poor Snap! It must have been difficult to lay!

I love this month. It’s the time of year when everything bursts into life. The apple trees are in full blossom and the bees are busy visiting each one. Both the Jangold and Cox’s Orange Pippin trees have been planted for nearly two years and I am hoping we will get some fruit on them this year. The Plymouth pear tree is just starting to blossom too which is exciting. I am relieved it has survived another year in the pot. Eventually, I will need to plant it into the soil but until I can take on a dry half plot, I daren’t plant it.

There is something so relaxing about sitting outside the shed. Listening to the birds with Roxy and Trixy clucking away, all worldly cares melt away. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful oasis to escape to.


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