Sunshine and Flowers

Another busy morning today saw me arrive mid-afternoon at the allotment. Upon my arrival, I walked down to the main coop to check on Millie. She seemed alright although she is clearly at the bottom of the pecking order. What was wonderful to see was that all of the girls were on the perches including Maud and Mavis! Tommy, of course, was on the top perch. Further proof of the bantams integration in the flock was discovered in the nest box. Two small bantam eggs!

I shouted a hello to Liz and Sarah who were busy on their plot. As I walked towards their plot, I ran into Cliff and his two adorable puppies. Dolly and Molly are so different. Molly is so cuddly and loves nothing more than being picked up and held. Dolly is twice Molly’s size and is the outgoing and adventurous one, always off exploring. Cliff has already trained them to follow him everywhere he goes which is a wonderful sight. We wandered back to Cliff’s shed and spent some time playing with the puppies.

Over in the new coop, the girls were busy scratching. I was greeted by an enthusiastic Daisy who was mesmerised by the chickens. After washing out and refilling the water feeder, I had a quick cuddle with Daisy. She was looking particularly smart having just been to the groomer. One final cuddle with Daisy and I pottered off to the Omlet to check on Roxy and Foxy. Both were happy with the handful of weeds I threw in.

At home, Trixy’s chicks are beginning to explore the cage more. It’s so lovely to see them watching Trixy and trying to copy her. Chicks who have a broody hen learn fast and pick up normal scratching and preening behaviour compared to incubator chicks. The difference between Trixy’s chicks and the silkies is already apparent. The littlest chick is holding it’s own and is getting stronger. Initially I was worried about it’s legs because it seemed rather wobbly. However, today it has been dashing around the cage with the others. I am so pleased that cracking open the eggs has allowed two chicks a chance at life.

Tomorrow’s plan is to clean out the coops and to move Trixy and her chicks into the broody coop.


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