RIP Millie

Today when we went down, we found Millie had passed away in the run. She had been struggling with some sort of problem with breathing and despite all my best efforts, she wasn’t able to shake it off. Millie was a beautiful Welsummer, a breed which should lay gorgeous chocolate brown eggs. Weirdly, Millie’s eggs were never the right shade of brown.

Molly, our incredible Vorwerk hatched Millie and one other chick from a dozen eggs four years ago. Molly only went broody once and two days after hatching, Molly was ferociously attacked. We still don’t know what it was, but it took off the other chick and left Molly with half a comb. Millie was a stunning chicken and although she wasn’t particularly friendly to humans, she was high up in the pecking order. Tommy especially may be sighing with relief as he was always rather intimated by Millie. In fact, I saw her attack him on several occasions. Good old Millie!


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